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Being U, is the creation of Sadia Sisay a Sierra Leone-born British woman. Launched in 2017, it so far includes 3 collections – Yendi, Kobicha and Rosa. Across the three collections, there are 5 different FleshTone options – beingU18 (darkest), beingU02, beingU12, beingU28 and beingU21 (lightest).

The Yendi bra is our favourite and a design after our own hearts. Always a fan of the t-shirt bra, this microfibre bra features padded front straps, a cheeky plunging neckline and adjustable back straps. Larger sizes haven’t been forgotten, and in fact, have been specifically catered for. Larger sizes feature a wider strap, heavier wing mesh and wire and deeper elastics (sizes 28E, 30DD, 32DD, 34DD, 36D, 38C, 40B all 42 and 44). So far the Yendi bra collection is available in beingU02, beingU12 and beingU28.

Another great offering from BeingU is their Solutions stick on bra. Perfect for wearing under that sexy dress that until now, has always involved a bra headache. BeingU’s stick on bras are a balconette shape with stick on wings, as well as adhesive inside cups for additional support. The Stick on solutions bra is not available in all colours yet – but we predict these are going to be a hit!

You can really tell that the range from BeingU is the product of a real labour of love – a lot of  thought and detail has gone into these collections, which must of course, be reflected in the price. The bras are £39 to £49, and the briefs range from £14 to £22. The Stick on Solutions are quite affordable, with prices starting at £14.99.



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