Brown Bottims

Brown Bottims first line, “The Essentials Collection”, features gorgeous seamless panties and bras in various shades of brown.

Brown Bottims founder and designer is the international fashion model, Timica Sargent. She was frustrated with the lack of ‘nude’ options available for brown women and could never find her shade of brown. As a model, nude undergarments were an absolute essential. So she started Brown Bottims which is created for African, American, Asian, Indian, Latina and multi cultural women with a variety of skintones (yes Brown Bottims ships internationally).


The are four FleshTone options available in the ‘Essentials Collection’ – Berber, Bilen, Beja and Bantu (with Berber being the lightest). The bras come in a classic t-shirt bra option and a balconette bra. The panties come in a bikini and a thong (both lined with 100% cotton).


The Brown Bottims range is really sleek and sophisticated looking – and while it’s not lacy, the underwear is very feminine and well structured. Again, with FleshTone underwear, the range is not cheap. Panties start at $18USD and the bras start at $49USD. If you can afford it, this is an excellent offering from a black-owned and woman-owned brand.

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