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Evelyn & Bobbie is a woman-owned brand, made up of a team of female engineers and designers with an innovative mission. Their mission is to reinvent the humble bra as we know it. EB ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign which emphatically told us all that woman are more then keen to find a strapless bra that actually holds up for more than 2 hours. COMFORT sells – and so enters EB’s ‘Everyday Bustier’. This bra is completely wire free with 360º degree support, memory foam-padded cups and specially engineered fabrics that mould to your body offering lift without straps or underwire. The Everyday Bustier also features a front closure, with a supportive, stretchy back band replacing the conventional ‘hook-and-eye’. The Everyday Bustier comes in 5 hues – including a couple of options for medium to dark FleshTones. The Everyday Bustier is set to retail for a whopping $188USD – though you will get a second one for free (not sure if this is a limited deal). Cup sizes are likely to range from 32A to 36G. We will update you when EB moves from pre-orders onto retail – FleshTone.net is VERY interested in trying this one.

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