Kanebo is a Japanese brand with lip glosses to die for. Available widely (and quite cheaply) in Asia, it’s a Japanese drugstore brand that can be expensive to get your hands on outside of Asia. The 2015 Limited edition Unasol Melty Chocolate Lips is almost the Holy Grail in FleshTone lip gloss. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it is a LIMITED EDITION from 2015 and extremely hard to get a hold of (even harder outside of Asia). The colours — Milk Chocolat, Chocolat Brown and Rose Chocolat are simply stunning (Rose Chocolat is the stand out). The limited edition is on the pricey end, and is even pricier now that the season is over. The quality itself is probably no better than some good quality cheaper brands, but the fact that it is actually chocolate scented, Japanese department/drugstore stock (which we LOVE) and so beautifully presented, means we can’t get enough! Prices start from $35USD per lip gloss.

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