Ben Nye MediaPro HD Crème

Ben Nye is one of the most successful professional/performance make up brands to cross into the mainstream, thanks in part to the roaring success of its Banana Powder. Many a dancer can remember the Ben Nye of old from their dance school recitals and photo days. It’s now Ben Nye’s MediaPro HD Foundation that is dance favourite, and the Olive-Brown Select Palette is a staple.

There are 8 shades in this refillable palette, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The foundation is surprisingly ‘light’ and can be built up to medium and full coverage. As you would expect, it photographs like magic.

We apply with fingers or a dry sponge for light coverage, and then with our favourite Kabuki brush for deeper coverage. You can even use warm clean hands after application to mould it to your face and warm up the foundation. The MediaPro Sheer Foundation dries to a semi-matte air-brushed finish (and is slightly more dewy than Ben Nye Matte Foundation). Like other theatrical make up brands, it’s highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. What doesn’t go a long way however – is your money. The Select Palette (8 hues) will set you back at least $70USD. If you can find your exact match in the Olive-Brown Select Palette, it may be worth it.

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